Fast & Furious 6 TRAILER !

Everyone loves a bit of Fast & Furious which is based on driving and is probably the best driving franchise out there in the movies industry and i think all the Fast & furious films have failed to be disappointing with number two being my favourite and there always one big job at the end that uses a lot of tricks to get the job done along with stunts and is always very interesting to watch.

Number 6 continues from number five with the agent that they were running from (The Rock)  asking them for there help and once he reveals that he know the where about’s of an old friend that they thought died the job becomes more interesting for them but this time they are going up against criminals that are very similar to themselves and will prove to be a harder challenge for their team that re-unite.

This Film looks like it is going to have a lot of amazing stunts and fast & Furious always manage to take it to next level with every film.



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