Video Search Engine Baidu Guilty of Copyright Infringement

The China search engine Baidu has been ordered to pay Youku Tudou which is a video streaming website $78,560 in damages after illegally hosting 18 Chinese shows.

Baidu is China’s top search engine and they illegally hosted 18 Chinese TV shows in which video streaming site Youku owned the rights. Now Beijing courts have ordered the search engine company to pay over $78,560 in damages.

The ruling against Baidu comes from a large group lawsuit which includes Youku Tudou, Sohu Video, Tencent Video, LeTV, the MPAA, CODA, Wanda Films, Enlight Media and LeTV Films.

The group is looking for $ 49million payment in damages from Baidu after accusing them of disseminating more than 10,000 copyrighted videos and engaging in hotlinking.

A Youku Tudou spokesperson said:¬†”We welcome the findings,

“This is the first time in China that such business model is judged definitely as infringement. We call on Baidu to respect copyright and help build a virtuous online video ecosystem in China.”

In a statement from Baidu they said: “Baidu Video is committed to technological innovation and enhancing users’ experience in searching and watching,” the statement said.

“We are willing to discuss with all parties and build a benign cooperation format that benefits internet users and the industry,” Baidu said. “Currently, we have reached cooperation deals with many copyright owners to provide more genuine online video resources. In the future, we will continue to contribute in creating a benign Internet environment.”

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