Video technology implemented on Interactive Kiosks

The great thing about videos is that it can be shown on so many device’s whether it be a computer or a mobile phone you can still watch and create videos similarly on both devices.

But today I want to talk about the video’s that are used on Interactive Kiosks which are the machine’s that you can find out in malls that usually will have an instructional video for customers to maybe find their way around and then customers are able to interactively use the machine using the keyboard.

The videos that these machines use are not the straight forward videos that we can create they involve more graphics opposed to having actors so this opens a new door for video makers and people will struggle to create the graphics.

One of the best tips I can give to make this successful is to the sketch out how you want the video to go in steps this will give you an outline to follow on your computer and when you put all the steps together on your computer it should look good and professional.

Lastly some of these Interactive Kiosks can be created so that users can create videos there and then on the spot with simple video editing software.

Slabb, Inc. create these machines so if you are interested please visit there site and have a look at their exhibition which shows all their machines

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